Dare to dismiss Twitter

I am often asked what the value of Twitter is. Many people think it is flippant and throwaway but it is a very valuable tool for brands, even if they merely want to monitor what people are saying about them for research purposes.

Other brands are much smarter, and offer Tweeters customer service via the site.  I had heard about this happening, but recently experienced it for myself when I was waiting for BT broadband to get started at my home.

I wrote:


And within an hour, @BTCare had replied, asking what the problem was and asking me to reply with my telephone number for a chat.  I was very impressed.

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media channels and its potentialities are only beginning to be realised by brands.  It’s not something anyone can afford to dismiss.



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2 responses to “Dare to dismiss Twitter

  1. Here, I wish that had worked with T-Mobile and Streamline.net. Been bad-tweeting them for WEEKS and no refund/new phone/freebies. Pah. But impressive work from BT. Liking their style.

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