My favourite part of the planning process

Most planning projects are the same. You spend days, weeks, sometimes months, collecting information and insight, until your head is full of what you’re working on and your friends get bored with you talking about it all the time.

There is a blissful moment when everything seems perfectly clear. Then you spend a few days or weeks panicking about how big it all is, and how you will ever possibly make any sense of it.

Then you bite the bullet and remember that it was once pretty straightforward, and despite the fact that it’s very big, you know you can get it all down on paper.

The fun begins… Post-Its and slides covered in thoughts. Things to remember. A forget-it pile. Embryonic diagrams and models.  There’s still more research to do but you’re confident that you’re testing hypotheses rather than educated guesswork.

I reached this point today. I love my job.

The cat isn’t impressed.



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2 responses to “My favourite part of the planning process

  1. I’m with the cat. Swotface. 🙂

    PS only kidding. Glad you’re having fun. Ya big geek. xx

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