Review of the reviews

Hello again.

After sifting through review after review of the year (I’ve been really busy working and being Christmassy) for the last five minutes or so, I have come to the conclusion that they are all pretty much the same.

If you want a fairly representative example, I recommend Simon Mainwaring’s.  A lot of it is pretty general, common sensical stuff, but ‘measuring engagement’ is something we all need to take notice of and begin to think about seriously.  The other day I wrote a tender and I think I put the word ‘engagement’ in every other paragraph, without really stopping to think about what it means – other than that there doesn’t seem to be a good alternative word for it.  I’ll definitely be giving this some thought as part of the planning toolkit I’m currently working on.

If you want to see a top 12 that is both entertaining, insightful, and quite different, have a look at Iain Tait’s.  I’m particularly looking forward to Collablogs (and the total confusion and awesome massive costly mistakes.)



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2 responses to “Review of the reviews

  1. Richard

    Mike Troiano wrote some stuff on measuring engagement (and how, in his view, engagement is ‘bullshit’) last year here:

    A search should dig it out. There’s a fair bit on slideshare too about social media ROI that tries to consider how to measure softer metrics like engagement. Mike T’s view is to stick to measuring things like sales, loyalty, fop, wop, etc. that are easier to measure, but I guess from a social marketing point of view, that just shifts the problem to one of attribution. Interesting, kind of…

    • katebordwell

      I think the main point is that ‘engagement’ is totally overused. We should recognise and accept that it’s going to be, and make sure it’s clearly defined.

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