Time I thought about blogging again

I have decided to start blogging again.  Sometimes you just need more than 140 characters.  Sometimes you need a space to vent and rant and rave.  I love a good rant, me…

I had a really nice idea before, going through my bookmarks and talking about the best articles in there.  I might do that again.  The reason I stopped, I think, was because it took ages.  But that’s the thing, writing a good blog about marketing and so on, doing it properly, does take a long time.

And I think I was getting annoyed because there are a lot of people out there who do it much better than I ever could.  And there are also some who do it as well as I could if I could be bothered.  I was going to put a list in here and encourage you to guess who I meant but I thought better of it.

Perhaps the main reason I’ve decided to get back on here is because there are still people around who don’t understand what a planner is.  They don’t read the aforementioned blogs but there is a slight chance they might read mine. I’ll use this space to work it out for them – and for myself.


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