Don’t shout at me if I don’t use the cycle lane, you dicks!

I really wish that the council would talk to people who actually ride bikes when they are putting lanes in.  Apparently they do, but they never asked me.

I am all for the idea of making cycling in cities safer.  However, I am slightly worried that cycle lanes make it more difficult – and perhaps more dangerous.  There are very few cycle lanes I can think of that don’t have parked cars in them, aren’t on the wrong side of the road, or that don’t finish randomly, leaving you stranded somewhere.

There’s a new expensive looking development on Elderslie Street which is a case in point – there’s a contraflow lane on one side of the road, which is totally useless because they’ve put speedbumps in the wrong way round which skinny tyres get stuck in.  Also, if you going the other way on the other side of the road, you’d have to cross the road for one block just to use it.  It’s rubbish.

However, the other day I got shouted at when I wasn’t using it.  Someone shouted, ‘Use the cycle lane you slag,’ from their car on the other side of the road.  I just ignored them, but it really annoyed me.

The answer to making the streets safer isn’t cycle lanes, it’s driver education.  It’s speed limits and speed bumps.  It’s not using your car for a ten minute journey.  It’s chilling the hell out and giving every road user a bit of room.

Anyway, shouty, rude and sexist drivers:

  • I pay council tax and income tax too
  • I don’t have a car, which means there is one more parking space out there, just for you
  • So leave me alone, and stop trying to kill me/scare me off the road

I really like things like this which make it clear that there needs to be more thinking around cycling in cities.



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2 responses to “Don’t shout at me if I don’t use the cycle lane, you dicks!

  1. I’m really enjoying the cycling posts on your blog, and this one in particular. I’m pretty new to this cycling lark and I couldn’t agree more about the council’s lack of common sense when it comes to creating cycle lanes. I know your post was written back in 2011, but they’re still at it! I live in the Stirling area and the council, in its wisdom, are sticking up blue signs and making pretty wee lanes here there and everywhere. They’re mostly impractical, and sometimes pretty bumpy (that’s the ones through our cobbled streets!). I’m a car driver as well as a cyclist, and I totally agree that driver education is the answer to safer roads for cyclists.

    • katebordwell

      Hi Jane, thanks for your comment. They are definitely still at it! I feel that there has been a lot of progress in the last 2 years however, big changes are happening in places like London which should eventually influence what happens here.

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