All about planning a really great intranet

I’m working on an intranet project at the moment for a big global company, with lots of sites and lots of different types of employees.  It’s a fantastic challenge just from a persona creation point of view.

The one thing that is quite tricky is doing a competitive review of intranets, given that most companies are pretty secretive about this sort of thing.  I thought it would be helpful to share with you some of the resources I have found useful.

Here’s a white paper called ‘the social intranet’ – it seems pretty good.

Here’s an article about the key characteristics of good intranet design, some examples from big companies and a screenshot of the Microsoft intranet.

Here’s an article from 2008 about IBM’s social intranet, The Beehive – essentially an internal version of Facebook.

IBM’s intranet is something really customisable and special, but the focus is still on its role as a business tool and ROI.

Here’s the top line results for IBM’s intranet.

Here’s a New Zealand Ministry of Transport intranet that won prizes for looking so nice.

Here’s a white paper about measuring ROI – it’s linked to other white papers about intranets too

And another decent white paper about best practice…

Intranets maybe don’t seem as sexy as other websites, but they are potentially extremely powerful in terms of bringing people together and promoting brand values.  I’m very excited about working on this!


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