The best brand book I’ve ever seen

I know it’s fairly old – you’ve probably retweeted it already or posted it on your blog ages ago.  I mean, I got it from Eat the Big Fish and they put it up a month ago and I only just saw it now…

But I really really love the Skittles Brand Book.  Particularly their ‘average customer.’

They don’t need a tone of voice page, because the whole thing is their tone of voice.

Just goes to show it’s possible to do these things in a very engaging way.  Fab.



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2 responses to “The best brand book I’ve ever seen

  1. while Im here – on the Skittles brand book – it’s dodgy. The WHOLE THING is tone of voice. Where is proposition and substantiation. This brand book makes Skittles well on their way to becoming a donut brand – full of sweet tone and personality – but lacking substance.

    • katebordwell

      Hi Adam, thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment.

      I am taken with this brand book because it feels like something creatives would actually use, unlike pretty much any other guidelines I’ve ever seen.

      I agree that there isn’t much substance here, but surely that’s the point? They’re coloured sweeties.

      I guess your question also raises the issue of whether we need things like propositions any more. If planning is being redefined for the 21st century approaches like the Skittles book might not be ‘right’ but I’m glad they exist, acting as a challenge for us to do better.

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