Bust bottom bracket (or Why I’m learning lots about bikes these days)

Sounds rude, doesn’t it?

My beautiful bike of joy has been making a rattly clicky noise for some time, down at the bottom.  I knew it was related to the bracket holding the cranks on, or the pedals, but pedals seemed easier so I bought some new ones from Brick Lane Bikes.

These pedals are fantastic, they look totally pretty and are also nice to put your feet on.  I have MKS track pedals on the other bike and they are not nearly so comfy as the BLB ones are a nice neat flat platform, whereas the MKS’s don’t have a platform arrangement.

Anyway, I thought that changing the pedals had made a difference to the noise, but it hadn’t, I was just too deliriously happy with my new pedals to notice for a few rides.

The bottom bracket apparently has bearings in it.  The better the bearings, the better your bike works, and the less likely you are to have any kind of rattly noise.  There are also bearings in pedals and axels.  I’m learning lots about bikes these days

So then I went to Dales and asked them if they had a new bottom bracket for my bike.  They didn’t know what kind I needed, so said that I could either put the bike in for service or go home, take the bracket out and then order one once I knew what kind it was.  I chose the latter.  Apparently Sugino do the best ones.  They are quite pretty


Of course, you don’t see the bracket once it’s in place but it’s nice to know it’s a neat wee thing.

They are quite hard to find yourself.  I looked on all the usual suspects (e.g. Evans and Wiggle) to no avail.  Then I found it on Tokyo Fixed Gear. This is a cool wee shop with lots of nice bike stuff.  I also bought a water bottle.

I can’t wait for it to arrive so riding the BOJ can be a sheer and silent joy (instead of a rattly one) again.


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