Brackets, and going up the Tak Me Doon

I was going to write about a really interesting conversation with a strategist I’m having across the pond but it’s a bank holiday and I am chilling out so I’m going to write about bikes instead.

On Saturday we did this ride, although we did it the other way round, and started near Kilsyth rather than Torrance.  It was the hardest ride I have been on.  There were two big hills, one called Tak Me Doon and the other one called the Crow Road.  They are quite famous in these parts, and popular routes for cyclists and lycra perverts alike.

Here we are after getting to the top of Tak Me Doon Hill.

I was trying to show the full pain of it there.  My chain fell off on the way up, my gears wanted to give up the ghost.  As you will see from the map, however, that was very early on.  After that, we went through beautiful scenery, mist and sunshine and rain.  Got so much fresh air we thought our lungs were going to collapse.  Felt amazing and dead at the same time.

It was ace.  We came home and spent a shitload on stuff from Wiggle and Rapha.  I’m getting another jersey with ARMWARMERS and some SPDS.  I’m turning roadie!

In other news, yesterday we (I say ‘we’ but in reality ‘he’) replaced the bottom bracket on the Bike Of Joy.

Replacing the bottom bracket is a total faff.  Taking the cranks off was OK.

But even that was quite difficult.  When it came to taking the bracket out we had a nightmare.  All the water gets into the bracket and it gets a bit rusty and really tightly stuck in.  The bracket removing tool got bent in the process, so we ran down to Gear to see if they could help.  The guy there was amazingly helpful and we got the bracket out.

Big thanks to everyone involved, the Bike of Joy is back!


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