Rules are important, even when there aren’t any

I wrote about rules a while back and how I find they can offer a wee window into a subculture, and give us some insight into the people who follow them (and make them and break them.)

My esteemed associate Sidepipe brought this Rapha article about rules to my attention.  It takes a stand against rules, suggesting that having a long list of rules indicates a lack of confidence more than anything else, and then suggests 3 pretty cute alternative rules for cycling involving sandwiches and friends.

I think this observation about confidence is very important.  Rules help you fit in, in the beginning, and then later when you feel like you’re part of something you can play about, push the boundaries.  In the same way as artists learn techniques before they can really effectively express themselves on paper, the moment you stop saying you follow the rules is as important as the rules themselves.


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