At least 10 good reasons to check out Social Media Week

Many of you will know about Social Media Week already, but for those of you who don’t, it is a week-long conference, held in a number of different cities world-wide, covering many aspects of social media, with speakers from all around the world and from all kinds of industries.

One of the best things about it is that all the events in the programme are free, so you can pop in and out to the things that interest you, rather than having to commit to a whole day.  You do have to register for talks, though, so get in there and register early to avoid disappointment.

This year we are lucky for it to be held in Glasgow, and I have just spent a wee bit of time booking in to some of the events.  There are a whole lot to choose from – although some are beginning to ‘sell out’.

When I say ‘at least 10 reasons’, here are more than 10 events I thought were worth popping into:

Integration of Channels

This is a subject close to my heart – and I am always interested in knowing what other people think about this, and what their approach is.  Particularly when I work with them!

Fashion Blogging 101

This will be very glam, I am hoping.

Psychology of Social Media

This should be good, with three speakers coming from completely different angles.

Social Storytelling

Lovely thing, storytelling.  I’ve mentioned it before (although I can’t find the post, maybe I dreamt it).

Managing your digital personality

Something lots of people/brands I am not going to mention could do with some advice on!

Blogging for success

Exciting title, hopefully full of great tips.

How and why you should build an effective online community

Think this will be a good one, interesting looking speakers.

Sport and social media

There is so much scope for brands who sponsor sports (or sponsor anything, in fact) within social media.  I’m going to this and expect to take lots of notes!

Dirty Pretty Digital Things

This sounds fun, although it clashes with the event below…

What’s next in blogging

This sounds great – a keynote from a Revolution/Marketing journo about what’s coming up.  Plus it’s in the lovely Blythswood.

Snake Oil Salesman…

This looks like a good talk – how to know how to hire the right agency for the job.

Social Buzz Awards

This promisess trends and insights.  Very promising.

Where do good ideas come from?

Your chance to see me blush and quake in my Converse.  Probably.

There’s loads more in there.  Have a dig around, see what you think.  Should be fun!


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