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Review of the reviews

Hello again.

After sifting through review after review of the year (I’ve been really busy working and being Christmassy) for the last five minutes or so, I have come to the conclusion that they are all pretty much the same.

If you want a fairly representative example, I recommend Simon Mainwaring’s.  A lot of it is pretty general, common sensical stuff, but ‘measuring engagement’ is something we all need to take notice of and begin to think about seriously.  The other day I wrote a tender and I think I put the word ‘engagement’ in every other paragraph, without really stopping to think about what it means – other than that there doesn’t seem to be a good alternative word for it.  I’ll definitely be giving this some thought as part of the planning toolkit I’m currently working on.

If you want to see a top 12 that is both entertaining, insightful, and quite different, have a look at Iain Tait’s.  I’m particularly looking forward to Collablogs (and the total confusion and awesome massive costly mistakes.)


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