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October blog of the month

It’s ‘blog of the month’ time…  I’ve come across Information is Beautiful several times but neglected to bookmark it – but no longer – it’s in my Google Reader now!

It’s a really inspiring place with lots of very interesting diagrams.  It simply demonstrates that illustration of data and statistical information doesn’t have to be boring bar charts.  It’s too easy to stick a load of these into Powerpoint, when we could be bringing numbers and facts to life more fascinatingly.

Some of my favourites:

Left vs Right – lovely to look at…  If only life/politics were so simple!

Twitter Truths – the best days to self-promote are Tuesday and Wednesday, and it tells you how much content is worth anything at all…

And these Four Infographic Morsels demonstrate the range of what’s available on the site.  Key learning = don’t say ‘sexy’ or ‘beautiful’ in an email to a potential date.  It puts them off.

I quite fancy the book too – it would make an excellent gift for any of your geeky friends.


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