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The Great Smartphone Blackout Challenge – update 1


I know, I have failed to put up a review of a book but I have a good excuse (I hope). I had norovirus and I had loads of work and then I went on holiday for a week – get this – somewhere where THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO PHONE SIGNAL WHATSOEVER.

I lived without my iPhone for a week and lived to tell the tale.

I had a great time actually. I read (I have nearly finished two books so expect a review stat) and rode my bike, played with my baby, talked to my partner, and thought a lot. I thought with a better vocabulary than I have in ages, thought about more interesting things than I have of late, and felt refreshed.

I can’t say I felt more relaxed than usual because I was on holiday, so there was more than one factor contributing to how I felt. I’d need to do the experiment properly at home.

Since I have been home I have definitely used my social media apps less than I used to and I am keen to get back to reading my book.

So long for now.

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Bold: how to be brave in business and win

I have just bought a copy of ‘Bold: how to be brave in business and win‘ by Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan.  There’s quite a good website here which gives you a taster of what’s in store.

It looks like an interesting book – lots of case studies of brands which have done ‘bold’ things in order to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate that customer experience is at least as impotant to them as the bottom line is.

Having flicked through the chapters, it looks like a great set of case studies of companies who decided to do things they normally wouldn’t be brave enough to…  But wouldn’t most people want to do the ‘right thing’?  It’s just a case of ensuring that the idea fits the strategy, and ensuring that there is the support both internally and externally to implement it.

I’m going to read the book and then maybe try having a ‘bold’ brainstorm on each of the accounts I work on.

Given a blank sheet of paper, what would be the Bold thing your client could do?

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