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We’re planning the next She Says Scotland event

We’re planning the next She Says Scotland event.

I can’t say much about it now, apart from that it’s going to be very special and exciting and held in Glasgow… But I’ve been having some very exciting conversations today about speakers and venues.

If you do want to help out, either by speaking or suggesting a topic or by coming along and helping out generally,  please get in touch via She Says Scotland.

Remember, She Says is all about giving women from creative/digital industries a platform to share their experience and skills – but the events are open to all.  Spread the word and get ready to see some great speakers.

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Tickets for Thursday are going to run out, so be quick!

I might have mentioned that the inaugural She Says Scotland event, ‘Where do good ideas come from?‘ will be taking place on the Leith Barge this Thursday. I’m up early this morning writing my presentation.

It will be much better than anything you’ll see at the Fringe or the Edinburgh International Marketing Festival (depends what you see I guess…)  Not only am I going to be speaking but my pal Eilidh McDonald will be too!  And some other talented creative people I haven’t met yet.  It’s going to be fab.

There are apparently only a few tickets left so if you’re planning on coming, get booking now.

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