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New event: Engagement – the battle for your time

Ooh, I am very excited because we just put booking live for the next She Says event: ‘Engagement, the battle for your time.‘  It’s on Thursday 17th November.  Go and book your ticket now!

We chose this topic because engagement is a word we all use, but do we all use it properly.  Do we know how to measure it?  It’s so useful and at the same time useless…

So we have speakers from all kinds of disciplines lined up and about to be lined up, all of whom will have a very different view on what ‘engagement’ entails in online marketing and digital design.

It’s also going to be at the swanky SocietyM, and there will be time to have drinks, chats, and enjoy the surroundings.

A quarter of the tickets have been taken already – don’t miss out, make sure you book soon!

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Before you use the word ‘engagement’ again, read this

‘Engagement’ is a totally mis-used, over-used, generally abused word in our business.

Thankfully Martin Weigel has written a lengthy, comprehensive, and at times funny article about it.  Everyone who works in digital or communications or advertising should read it.

I’m as guilty as anyone else for falling into some of the bad habits he describes, whilst at the same time flinching when others commit the crimes…

I don’t really have anything to add just now, except – read it!

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Check out Sneakerpedia

I’ve just been checking out Sneakerpedia by Footlocker which did well at Cannes.  It only recently came to my attention via Twitter and I am glad it did.

Here’s some chat about it…

It’s really cool.  Not just because there’s lots of trainers on it.  But because it shows how powerful something like that is.  Harness the power of fans and you have true participation online.

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