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What’s it like doing strategy in Glasgow?

I’ve been inspired to write about what it’s like to be a planner in Scotland by Northern Planner’s post about being a strategist in the North.  I was also asked to guest blog about it earlier in the year by Simon Hopkins and totally failed to do anything about it.

My excuse?  Well, I have been very busy lately, with work and parenting and house tidying and so on.  But something else was holding me back which I can only really say was a bit of a stubborn chip on my shoulder which I have recently shed and which means I am embracing being a Scottish strategist with gusto.  I might write about that in another post, it’s quite an epiphany.

Anyway, I really enjoyed Northern’s post because it was positive on the whole and I nodded my head vehemently at many of his points, e.g.

While there are less big TV campaigns, there are lots of really interesting, more integrated projects. You’ll need to be good at getting how channels fit together and creating strategic platforms for IDEAS, rather than advertising ideas.

This is totally true.  I moved up here and had to get good at ‘digital’ and then found that digital was actually everything except big TV campaigns, which I’m actually not that bothered about anymore.  Doing content, brand, and UX and comms strategy is very satisfying, particularly when you know it’s being rolled out nationally, internationally.  You also know that at least half of what you do is actually useful to people and you can measure the impact it has on your client’s business.  It means, as Northern says, you don’t think in silos and you get a chance to change how your clients do business and not just think about their communications.

You’ll have to prove yourself. More than someone about from around here. No one will take your word for it about anything. But good places will give the chance.

This is the truest thing. You do have to prove yourself.  I failed to prove the value of strategy at three Scottish agencies before I started work at Equator and by jove I have worked hard to prove it at Equator too.  Still am.  I’m in no danger of getting complacent or too big for my boots.

Northern mentions a ‘lack of sophistication’ which I feel is more a reluctance to intellectualise in the same way as the Oxbridge graduates I felt inferior to back in the Big Smoke, and both Scottish agency people and clients are reluctant to disappear up their own arses when it comes to talking about work – they just want to ‘get it done’ a lot of the time, and they want to know what they are paying for.  Which is fair enough.  I’m working towards a nice balance of thinking and talking more about the important stuff and then getting down to making nice work.

I am sure that in the 7 years I’ve been back up north people have thought I’m a terrible snob about what I do and I’m a right pain in the bum a lot of the time because I keep asking ‘why are we doing this?’ and ‘Why would the target audience care about that?’ and ‘Can we just start using the language of brands for a change?’ but it’s more that I am trying to keep the principles of what I do secure and not waver from what I believe to be the right way to do things.  I’m driven to do things properly.  Because it’s fun and I think it leads to better work.

In 7 years I’ve barely worked with anyone who’s experienced life in a London advertising agency and this means that I’ve spent a lot of time trying to convince people without this frame of reference that ‘my way’ is the right way.  When what they’d been doing until I came along was working pretty well and all I did was annoy them and criticise them.

4 years ago a ‘good place’ did give me a chance and I’m still there, now with a 5-strong strategy team, which consists of people who weren’t planners when they joined but had the transferable skills to become planners.  In training them Equator now has a lovely diverse group of strategists who want to find out what the client’s objectives are before defining the solution, think deeply about user behaviour and collaborate with our designers, creatives and marketing specialists to develop joined-up routes to transforming our clients’ businesses.

I hope you can tell, I’m very proud of them.

One thing I don’t think I agree with Northern on is this:

What you need to prepared for, in general, in the creative side of things at least, is that you just won’t get the same kind of clients and do the same kind of work.

Now…  This is a really big misconception a lot of London types have.  It depends what agency you work at.  Work is what you make it and we beat big London agencies in pitches quite often, and a lot of our business is outside of Scotland.  Geography is a bit irrelevant.  There are some fantastic creative and strategic minds up here – the fact that we’re fewer in numbers could mean that we’re easier to find.  And we are all seasoned Easyjetters – we see our clients wherever they want to see us.

On the whole, being a strategist in Glasgow is great and I don’t think I’d want to work anywhere else now.  (Never say never obviously.)  Glasgow is known for its cool music and arts scene, it feels like things are happening here.  Being here means you have a 12 minute cycle to work, you can buy a nice flat or house near your friends and the centre of town, mountains and things are about an hour away, you get to work with nice people who want to make good, effective products and content real people want to engage with.

This year there’s been a feeling that it’s the best place to be – the summer was very exciting. And the winter ain’t that bad.  Just take vitamin D supplements and have a nice walk along the Clyde at lunchtime.

If you’re thinking of a move up north, we’d love to have you.  Look! A vacancy with your name on it.


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We’re planning the next She Says Scotland event

We’re planning the next She Says Scotland event.

I can’t say much about it now, apart from that it’s going to be very special and exciting and held in Glasgow… But I’ve been having some very exciting conversations today about speakers and venues.

If you do want to help out, either by speaking or suggesting a topic or by coming along and helping out generally,  please get in touch via She Says Scotland.

Remember, She Says is all about giving women from creative/digital industries a platform to share their experience and skills – but the events are open to all.  Spread the word and get ready to see some great speakers.

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At least 10 good reasons to check out Social Media Week

Many of you will know about Social Media Week already, but for those of you who don’t, it is a week-long conference, held in a number of different cities world-wide, covering many aspects of social media, with speakers from all around the world and from all kinds of industries.

One of the best things about it is that all the events in the programme are free, so you can pop in and out to the things that interest you, rather than having to commit to a whole day.  You do have to register for talks, though, so get in there and register early to avoid disappointment.

This year we are lucky for it to be held in Glasgow, and I have just spent a wee bit of time booking in to some of the events.  There are a whole lot to choose from – although some are beginning to ‘sell out’.

When I say ‘at least 10 reasons’, here are more than 10 events I thought were worth popping into:

Integration of Channels

This is a subject close to my heart – and I am always interested in knowing what other people think about this, and what their approach is.  Particularly when I work with them!

Fashion Blogging 101

This will be very glam, I am hoping.

Psychology of Social Media

This should be good, with three speakers coming from completely different angles.

Social Storytelling

Lovely thing, storytelling.  I’ve mentioned it before (although I can’t find the post, maybe I dreamt it).

Managing your digital personality

Something lots of people/brands I am not going to mention could do with some advice on!

Blogging for success

Exciting title, hopefully full of great tips.

How and why you should build an effective online community

Think this will be a good one, interesting looking speakers.

Sport and social media

There is so much scope for brands who sponsor sports (or sponsor anything, in fact) within social media.  I’m going to this and expect to take lots of notes!

Dirty Pretty Digital Things

This sounds fun, although it clashes with the event below…

What’s next in blogging

This sounds great – a keynote from a Revolution/Marketing journo about what’s coming up.  Plus it’s in the lovely Blythswood.

Snake Oil Salesman…

This looks like a good talk – how to know how to hire the right agency for the job.

Social Buzz Awards

This promisess trends and insights.  Very promising.

Where do good ideas come from?

Your chance to see me blush and quake in my Converse.  Probably.

There’s loads more in there.  Have a dig around, see what you think.  Should be fun!

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