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Before you use the word ‘engagement’ again, read this

‘Engagement’ is a totally mis-used, over-used, generally abused word in our business.

Thankfully Martin Weigel has written a lengthy, comprehensive, and at times funny article about it.  Everyone who works in digital or communications or advertising should read it.

I’m as guilty as anyone else for falling into some of the bad habits he describes, whilst at the same time flinching when others commit the crimes…

I don’t really have anything to add just now, except – read it!


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Embrace life – wear your seatbelt

I just saw this ad

The Do Lectures tweeted it today. As you see it’s been a global phenomenon for about 18 months and Tim Ferriss has been retweeting it again recently.

Not bad for a regional public information campaign.  It’s beautifully made and works on very simple but powerful insights.

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